Edition 002

All original work from members of the Scene-Stealers Collective inspired by 'Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair', 'Oldboy' by Park Chan-wook, and 'Mad Max'. 

Exhibited artist and artworks can be found here:

The Whole Bloody Affair -  Scene Stealer

The Scene-Stealers collective was founded in Elephant and Castel, London, England on the 28th of June 2019, however, our artists come from all corners of the Globe. With over 30 artists currently part of the collective from over 9 different countries around the world, we draw inspiration from each other and each member brings a rich and exciting perspective on Art, Film, and Pop-Culture.

SSC Elephant Black Stencil Variant@5x (3

Poster made by Ayah Allattar 2019

Exhibited Work


Meeting New Friend 

by Vytenis Semenas

''Max's role in "Mad Max 2" is to behave something like a heroic cowboy might have in a classic Western. He happens upon a small band of people who are trying to protect their supplies of gasoline from the attacks of warriors who have them surrounded. Max volunteers to drive a tanker full of gasoline through the surrounding warriors and take it a few hundred miles to the coast, where they all hope to find safety. After this premise is established with a great deal of symbolism, ritual, and violence (and so few words that sometimes we have to guess what's happening), the movie arrives at its true guts.''

(Ebert, 1981)

Lino cut made by Vytenis Semenas - Meeting New Friend 2018