"Broken Shell" as everyboe has up and down moments in their life..me is not exception.. To reflext my llifes faling down and rising up moments i did create a piece of ceramic . A personal interpretation that no one is ideal or perfect... everyone has "cracks" and everyone has to be happy with it because trough the pain and difficulties people are only improoving....no matter how much "gold" you will be using to mask your true personality... it would be never enough. What is shiny and beautifull outside as a rule most of the times are rotten inside. Hands ob the sides of the ceram8c piece represents the idea of that you are the only one person who could shape and design your life.. not someone else who holds you with a material things..


Hand Built ceramic piece made out of stoneware clay and highest quality glazes.

''Broken Shell'' Rim are made of best quality gold luster.

Broken Shell

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