Eternity's Engine - Blank Flyer Template

Poster by Vytenis Semenas 2019



9TH – 30TH AUGUST 2019

WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Eternity’s Engine.

Life is fleeting and the creations we produce will often long outlive us. Via the imagination, the intangible is made tangible and our expressions are given the potential to be enjoyed by generation after generation. Eternal appreciation might not be at the forefront of every creative’s mind, but for those who strike the right chords, it is a possibility. The pleasure we take from the creative output of those who came before us demonstrates the power and longevity of the imagination. It can teach, inspire, motivate and help forge fresh and exciting new forms of communication. In essence, it can become the engine which pushes forward into the infinite: ‘Eternity’s Engine’.



​WOW x WOW is a UK based, progressive online gallery and art resource specializing in exhibiting, promoting and celebrating the very best New Contemporary Art from around the world.

WOW x WOW was founded in the summer of 2014 by Scottish artist Tim Maclean, whose intention from the outset, has been to shine a light on artists
producing work that boldly blurs the boundaries between the disciplines of fine art, illustration, graphic design, street art, etc. As WOW x WOW's sole curator, Tim actively seeks to work with and promote those artists who place a strong emphasis on narrative, who invest time and effort into evolving a unique aesthetic, who strive to develop and incorporate an elevated level of technical skill and whose imagery often contains a distinctively surreal slant.

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