The act of printing has always seemed to me a miracle, just such a miracle as the growing up of a tiny seed of grain to an ear—an everyday miracle, even the greater because it happens every day. One drawing is sown on the stone or the etching plate, and a harvest is reaped from it.   

–Vincent van Gogh

Wild Stork sells exciting design products and artwork created by the young artist. Original conceptualized illustrations and print designs scream about the attention to details and flow. In case to achieve a very high-quality print's we are using a wide selection of paper best known for printmaking. printing an illustration on the highest quality papers allows us to achieve the best outcomes which we are selling here. We hope you enjoy the Wild Stork  Production consisting of illustrations, fine art prints to distinctive and unique ceramic pieces.

Our task is to help other people to enhance their own living space no matter is it small 4 square feet or luxurious  apartment  by supplying beautiful prints, ceramics, tableware and  decor items  inspired by nature I want to spread the uniqueness in a form of my art style.

About Vytenis  Semenas

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Picture taken by Gabriela Lesniewska


Lazdijų Motiejaus Gustaičio Gymnasium (2007)

Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering (2007-2010)

Degree: Professional Bachelor's Diploma, Professional Bachelor's Qualification Degree and Qualification Fields of Study: Landscape Architecture, study programme-Land Management, specialization - Land administration. Final Grade of Merit

West Thames College: The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (2015-2016)

Degree: UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design-Foundation studies (QCF) Final Grade of Distinction

University of the Arts London (UAL) (2016-2019)

Degree: BA(HONS)- Bachelor of Arts with First class Honours. Field of Study Illustration and Visual Media, specialization relief and Intaglio printmaking techniques.

Final grade: First Class Honours

Selected Exhibitions

Group exhibition/competition:

Work In Progress UAL-LCC 2019 Pre degree show

Final Degree Show UAL-LCC 2019

WOWxWOW - ‘’Monochromagic 2’’ 2019

WoWxWOW - ‘’Eternity’s Engine’’ 2019

National Original Print Exhibition 2019 

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2019

The Masters Relief 2019

The Scene Stealers Collective - The Whole Bloody Affair  (Edition 002) A group Print Show 2019

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2020

One Paved Court Gallery HUMANALIA (N.)
A Group Print Show 2020  

Royal Academy of Arts - Summer-(Winter) Exhibition

 group exhibition 2020 - 2021

Fen Ditton Gallery - Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition'21

group exhibition 2021


Creative Arts Festival 2016 at West Thames College -Graduate award.

Thames-Side Print Studio New Graduate Prize 2019

RA (Royal Academy of Arts) Fellowship in etching and relief printmaking techniques 2019-2021


Royal College of Art: Oedypus - The Swollen Feet 2016

The Scene Stealers: 002 The Whole Bloody Affair 2019 

Personal statement

Allow me to start with a brief introduction. My name is Vytenis Semenas and I was born in a tiny little village in Lithuania. After overcoming the uneasy situation of that time in my homeland, I finally moved to the country I have always wanted to reside in: England. Struggelsome as it might have been at the beginning, the experience I have gained is enormous. A couple of years later, I managed to complete my education by graduating at the University of the Arts London where I obtained Bachelor of Arts with First-Class Honours in the Illustration and Visual Media field of study in 2019.

As an emerging illustrator/printmaker, I do wholeheartedly believe that the arts can be a very powerful tool not only for influencing people but also for contributing to the solution of a great variety of global — as much as local — social problems in any part of the world, including global warming, domestic violence, poverty, and so on. Capturing and depicting issues in true colours is a very pertinent metaphor, as well as a necessity in order to make people aware of the seriousness of such issues. I have chosen relief printmaking to express my ideas since, in my opinion, it gives the final products an edge: a touch of realness, one might say.

In the previous years, I was allowed to present some of my works at several exhibitions and competitions, for instance, the National Original Print Exhibition, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, The Masters Relief RA Summer Exhibition and many more. This opportunity enabled me, amongst other things, to observe the ways other artists see fit to convey their messages, and thus to learn and to improve; for it is my conviction that experience is the best teacher, and those who are open-minded enough to perceive it may learn a great deal.

Work Experience

Creative Arts Festival 2016 at West Thames College. After completing QCF course I was nominated to design the issue of ''Making Waves-Summer 2016 journal. Work also included a designing work of flyers and posters which also included 3 original illustrations I made. The final product was used for the college promotion and attracting new clients.

Print & Design Technical Assistant in relief printing workshops at University of Arts ( UAL- London College of Communication). Practice included calibrations and daily machinery maintenance. Helping students and Technicians with various different printmaking technique tasks.
Operated multiple machines and printmaking presses. Managing ink and materials inventory maintaining overall state of the studios and equipment's and much more.2019

Outreach Ambassador - Park Academy West London

at University of Arts ( UAL- London College of Communication) My role here was to work with the UAL Outreach team, I was would involved in projects to improve the recruitment and progression of students from under-represented backgrounds by teaching them various relief printmaking techniques. 2019

Printmaking Support Technician

In relief printing workshops at University of Arts ( UAL- London College of Communication).This role was designed to support printmaking and traditional print techniques within one of the most established technical departments found at the college. Working in the Print and Design Technology Team the role was found to support courses within the Design School including Foundation, BA Graphic Design, BA Illustration and MA Graphics. The day-to-day duties included maintaining printmaking facilities, such as Print Beds, Drying Racks, Etching and Lithography Plates. As a teaching and learning technician the successful my task was to lead student inductions and workshops in printmaking techniques and assist students with highly specialist techniques. The role is positioned to support a range of students including one to one support and workshops. Working in this role provide me with  experience from working with printmaking machinery to an extensive development in printmaking techniques. Working alongside technicians and academics within the college and ensuring  that students are trained in the safe, innovative and professional use of the college’s technical resources. 2020 - 2021​

Technician assistant

Role was taken at Thames-Side printmaking studio. Assistant Technician practice took place at the relief and screen-printing workshops. My main task here was to assist the technicians and artist working at the studios, during their open access or printmaking courses. Maintaining the studio, Following the COSH etc. Practice includes Operating multiple printmaking presses for relief and screen printing and assistance at Fine Art editioning in screen printing and lino and wood engraving techniques.

Apprenticeship began in 2019 and is still ongoing.

RA (Royal Academy of Arts fellowship in etching and relief printmaking studios. Royal Academy Fellowship in etching and relief printmaking techniques.
Main task of this role is assisting the students on latter techniques, maintaining the workshop in a proper order, keeping stock updated and so on. Academical research and Fine art editioning is also a part of my professional practice. Apprenticeship began in 2019-2021

Fine art editioning includes working with artists with little or no prior experience of printmaking. At every step of the project, my role is to advise the artist about their options and answer any questions about the medium that may arise. Working standards and quality is very high as fine art prints are produced by using archival materials, light-fast inks or oil based inks and acid free handmade papers. I had a great opportunity to work alongside some of the best and well known artists such Rebecca Salter PRA: the first female President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Leigh Clarke and many more.