I would call myself a passionate in print or mark making. All my life I've been dreaming about the  life in a artist shoes. I worked hard to achieve task which I set to myself. Happened like that - I could not study arts at the beginning  and BA( hons) degree on a fields management proves it. Its nothing bad about it, but  I did not feel me as true myself in that area...

After studies I had a difficult time period of a 5years long length. Meantime muse won't let me  out away. Any time luck smiled to me I created more and mor. Most of my early artworks were abstract surrealism with a taste of symbolism. I won't hide the fact that I started drawing an animation characters by the looking to the stickers which u could get from a chewing gum.

The need to improve in a line working grew up so fast but couldn't feed growing hunger to create and improve. As my path turned to the London side it definitely left a mark in my life. huge and multicultural city gave me so much inspiration and courage to climb higher in case to seek my dreams, I did managed to get a place in a foundation course at West Thames College. It was a challenge to me to go out of my comfort zone and try to study in foreign country which  language baggage  was just minimum. As I never had any lessons of English language  I did embrace FAD course with a pride that this challenge will be defeated by my own hard work. I did met amazing tutor Richard Web . My first art teacher in my life.( Because of difficult financial position of my family I could not offer  a proper art supplies what to say about art schools.

Richard helped me allot, there is not enough words to say how I am grateful to a man who teacher me to accept every challenge I could get in my life.(being worried  that there is to many challenges in the world, and list is getting longer and longer. Feeling like a Santa with a long list which has to be ticked after every finished task.

The FAD course was the stepping rock to me, and University of the Arts London-UAL at London College of Communication (LCC) also known as London college of printing  was an elevator  bringing me to the new  height of my life. I met  allot of amazing people who helped me there and even dedicated their own time to help me to fulfill and push forwards the potential to higher level. My passion for illustration , print making and graphic design grew up so fast that I felt lost which way I should go in terms of career,

At the same time my contextual understanding and skills evolved so fast that I can't imagine my life without it any more. Mixing various techniques such Screen printing, Intaglio relief printing, traditional techniques etching, photography  or even music making helped me to improve and augment my  my knowledge baggage.

I do have BA ( Hons) of Illustration and Visual Media degree right now it is second BA I have, but looking forward for MA degree too. Improvement to me is the one logic way of living ...and you can learn all your life and find something new all the time. Art degree doesn't says who you are but it helps to create your own visual language. Who I am identifies my various examples of art works and it speaks for its self - I hope pretty loudly.

Designs,limited,etchings,engravings, lino carvings,ceramics its only a few things we making here!

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